Barry Friedberg

Barry Friedberg

Barry Friedberg is Co-Chairman of the Board of NYPB&T. He has served as a member of the Board since 2004.

Prior to joining the Board of Emigrant Bank, Mr. Friedberg was Executive Vice President and member of the Executive Committee at Merrill Lynch for more than 10 years. From 1985 through 1993, Mr. Friedberg was head of the Global Investment Banking Division of Merrill Lynch. In 1985, when Mr. Friedberg assumed these responsibilities, Merrill Lynch was ranked 6th or lower in the debt, equity, and M&A league tables. By the end of Mr. Friedberg’s period of leadership, Merrill Lynch was #1 in the league tables for all of these products. Mr. Friedberg’s responsibilities also included oversight of the investment activities of Merrill Lynch which included approximately $1 billion of private equity investments and approximately $1.5 billion of leveraged financing for middle market companies. He also, in 1985, initiated:

  1. the first private placement effort at a Wall Street firm to place limited partnership interests on behalf of financial sponsor clients
  2. the first effort by a Wall Street firm to provide as a principal a bridge loan to support an unsolicited buy out when Comcast bid for Storer Broadcasting.

Prior to joining Merrill Lynch, Mr. Friedberg was head of the Merger & Acquisition Group of AG Becker, which Merrill Lynch acquired in 1984.

Mr. Friedberg is Chairman Emeritus and currently serves on the Board of Directors of the New York City Ballet and is a member of its Investment Committee. He is also a member of the Board of Directors, Executives Committee, and Investment Committee of Scan Harbor and The Glaucoma Foundation.

Mr. Friedberg is a graduate of Princeton University (BA, 1962) and is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.